Repair Management

Exodus Aviation’s repair management services include OEM accredited and supported repairs handled by an approved OEM facility.

Our Management Service allows our customers to plan maintenance budgets alongside one of our dedicated team members.

Our fully customized solution gives our customer added savings.

This solution saves our customer's time and allows them to keep flying.

  Specialized and Flexible component repair management support

  Engineering expertise with a long track record

  Competitive component repair pricing from OEM accredited facilities

Maintenance of any aircraft is always an ongoing process.

Every aircraft needs to be inspected properly maintained on a schedule and have the necessary parts changed and replaced to meet up to the safety standards of the FAA.

Every aircraft has a different maintenance schedule and parts must be changed after a designated amount of time that is either from calendar time of installation from the manufacturing date, the flight hours, or the number of flight cycles completed.

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Every pilot has to go through a series of checks before every flight and takeoff.

A flight cycle is defined as one complete flight, meaning a complete takeoff and landing. The A-check is a very light normal check or inspection while the D-check is the most invasive and intensive long-term inspection.

At 500 flight hours, the A-checks are performed for a routine inspection to make sure everything is safely functioning.

The B checks are much like the A checks and can be done fast or overnight. The C checks are mandated to be every twelve to eighteen months specific to different models. The D checks are typically every four to five years!

Smaller airplanes need inspection after every one hundred hours of flight time and one inspection every 12 months.

Most owner’s set up inspection schedules based off of time in service, the number of system operations and or calendar time!