Power by the Hour

Exodus Aviation Power by the Hour | Aircraft PBH

Stabilize Maintenance Expenses

No more inventory management. Maintenance expense scales with flight hours.

Exodus Aviation’s Power by the Hour (PBH) custom component support packages include:

  • Inventory pooling
  • Base Kits
  • Logistics
  • Component repairs and procurement
  • PLUS Exodus Aviation’s exceptional service levels

Our dedicated technical team creates customized programs to address your unique needs and requirements.

  • Reduce operational burden
  • Reduce inventory and increase cash flow
  • Eliminate inefficiencies

No restrictions, any size of fleet

Exodus delivers power-by-the-hour (PBH) component service for modern, commercial Boeing and Airbus aircraft. We guarantee the supply, repair and overhaul of rotable components within all ATA chapters to the latest modification status.

Exodus has no restrictions or limitations, no matter what your fleet size may be.

A tailored power-by-the-hour program will include:

  Component cover of your choice

  Recommended stock and stock positioning

  Access to rotables on a pool basis

  Component repair and overhaul management

  Engine management

  Contractual purchasing

   Logistics and transport services

  Critical Response service