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Aircraft Parts

Aircraft Parts

Exodus Aviation an industry stalwart for providing aircraft parts for many aircraft manufacturers.  We don’t just provide aircraft parts for the popular makes and models.  Whether you need aircraft engine parts or general aviation parts let Exodus Aviation assist you in finding the perfect fit for your aircraft.  Don’t go looking for that needle in … Continue reading Aircraft Parts

What’s The Deal With PMA Parts?

Surely, you’ve been hearing the discussion about whether or not Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts can compare to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. All the information that’s out there can become a bit confusing at times which is why we here at Exodus Aviation wanted to help set the record straight. Since the 1990’s, PMA … Continue reading What’s The Deal With PMA Parts?

What our happy customers say

George Meehan
Aero Zone
August 26, 2016
Exodus Aviation are a pleasure to work with. They have a great selection of products and respond very quickly to all queries whether it’s sales, accounting, or shipping, often outside office hours which is great as I’m based in Ireland. Very fair on pricing, always willing to listen to offers
Peter Martell
Flight Equipment Inc.
August 26, 2016
Exodus Aviation has very precise and committed customer service. They are promptly accessible at all times and on all days. Being a local company, they actually hand delivered the units we purchased from them at no cost. They are extremely fair on pricing and deliver what they promise.