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Challenges with Assets and How to Overcome Them

Understanding your clientele and embracing any challenges that may come with managing your inventory can help you overcome them, head-on. Prioritizing and perfecting your management strategy—from your customers to your inventory—is one of the primary challenges facing businesses. With inventory management, you can encounter challenges like: A lack of knowledge—before you decide to invest, make … Continue reading Challenges with Assets and How to Overcome Them

The Single Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Business in a Time of Crisis

To avoid having the significant impact of COVID-19 leave a dent in your business model, industries worldwide have agreed on one significant thing that they can do to move forward: pivot. For the aviation industry, from significant reductions in passenger bookings and massively slashed revenues—from manufacturers to operators—has taken a huge hit from stay-at-home ordinances and travel bans—leading most to lay off employees or declare bankruptcy.

In Practice: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves the Aviation Parts Supply Chain

AI and its Role in the Aviation Parts Supply Chain With the sheer volume of data now available in the supply chain ─ ERP transaction data, IOT sensors on everything, parts-generated data, delivery expedite instances, plane parts transportation costs, demand forecasts and more ─ there is more than ample information to generate the contextual intelligence … Continue reading In Practice: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves the Aviation Parts Supply Chain

What our happy customers say

George Meehan
Aero Zone
August 26, 2016
Exodus Aviation are a pleasure to work with. They have a great selection of products and respond very quickly to all queries whether it’s sales, accounting, or shipping, often outside office hours which is great as I’m based in Ireland. Very fair on pricing, always willing to listen to offers
Peter Martell
Flight Equipment Inc.
August 26, 2016
Exodus Aviation has very precise and committed customer service. They are promptly accessible at all times and on all days. Being a local company, they actually hand delivered the units we purchased from them at no cost. They are extremely fair on pricing and deliver what they promise.