The Single Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Business in a Time of Crisis

The Single Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Business in a Time of Crisis

To avoid having the significant impact of COVID-19 leave a dent in your business model, industries worldwide have agreed on one significant thing that they can do to move forward: pivot.

For the aviation industry, from significant reductions in passenger bookings and massively slashed revenues—from manufacturers to operators—has taken a huge hit from stay-at-home ordinances and travel bans—leading most to lay off employees or declare bankruptcy.

Going up against one of the—if not THE—worst crisis in the history of the aviation industry, what do you do?


Although we have a long flight ahead, here are a few ways we will place pivoting into practice in the aviation industry:

1. Don’t ignore digital channels—Everyone is relying on their phones as a tool to communicate with the outside world. Take advantage of this opportunity for digital enterprise by re-establishing your virtual presence.

Launch a campaign to reach out to your loyal customers and potential clientele. Be authentic, real, and transparent. Ask yourself and your company—what can we provide online?  

2. Use your existing resources and assets—How can you align your business with your customers’ current needs?

You may need to adopt another service or adapt your business’ skillset to make you essential during a crisis. What can you offer?

3. Work together—Consider reaching out to new synergies and business partnerships to help keep your industry or brand name afloat. This can expand your audience, engage in new markets, and even adopt new products for additional revenue.

Business collaborations also leave a message to the world: we are stronger together. 

4. And lastly, embrace the pivot. Our industries will bounce back, but it’s important to set these aspects into motion. Now.

How Exodus Is Embracing the Pivot

We pride ourselves in being an expert in delivering innovating aviation solutions—and at this time, it’s no different. Our primary goal at Exodus is to minimize stress on airlines and help reduce inventory carrying costs by increasing aircraft uptime.

We want to work with our partners in the airline industry in pivoting our services to help boost the economy and move forward.

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