In Practice: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves the Aviation Parts Supply Chain

In Practice: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Improves the Aviation Parts Supply Chain

AI and its Role in the Aviation Parts Supply Chain

With the sheer volume of data now available in the supply chain ─ ERP transaction data, IOT sensors on everything, parts-generated data, delivery expedite instances, plane parts transportation costs, demand forecasts and more ─ there is more than ample information to generate the contextual intelligence that enables a substantially better level of customer service across the aviation parts supply chain. While much of this data has long been available, the trouble has been harnessing it in its various forms, as it certainly doesn’t neatly reside in a singular database.

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Exodus is committed to helping our customers minimize their downtime and reduce their inventory costs. Use of technology, and AI, in particular, is one of the ways that we achieve this. Exodus uses AI throughout all our purchasing and sales processes. For our customers, this means having the insight to have parts and services available when you need them, but without having to pass on heavy carrying costs. It means fewer unanticipated delivery delays. And it means, we are able to eliminate blind-spots, so we can manage potential disruptions so that you don’t have to. Continuously armed with this knowledge, Exodus significantly improves the speed, accuracy, and quality of service we provide to you.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) are systems that can understand, reason, learn and interact. AI algorithms connect and correlate the mass amounts of data that would be simply impossible to sort and analyze without AI assistance.

Supercharging the Supply Chain

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Artificial intelligence is already transforming supply chain management practices at Exodus, but there is so much more that we will be able to do from using predictive insights to mitigate downtime, to instantly making the right decision every time, to automating each step in the supply chain process. Exodus is committed to staying on the edge of technologies that will keep your costs low and your wings in the air.

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