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The Single Best Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Business in a Time of Crisis

To avoid having the significant impact of COVID-19 leave a dent in your business model, industries worldwide have agreed on one significant thing that they can do to move forward: pivot.

For the aviation industry, from significant reductions in passenger bookings and massively slashed revenues—from manufacturers to operators—has taken a huge hit from stay-at-home ordinances and travel bans—leading most to lay off employees or declare bankruptcy.

5 Ways to Avoid AOG and Eliminate Downtime

The only way to make money in the airline industry is to keep your aircrafts in the air. After all, every day an aircraft doesn’t fly, it can cost an airline thousands of dollars. According to a recent study, the average replenishment cost for AOG situations are estimated around $8,785 and the average delay cost … Continue reading 5 Ways to Avoid AOG and Eliminate Downtime